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Northeast Fishery Center- Lamar, PA Obtains Milt from Hatchery-Reared Atlantic Sturgeon
June 10, 2008

Atlantic stugeon illustration by Duane Raver
Altantic sturgeon illustration by Duane Raver

Atlantic sturgeon which were hatched in 1993 at the Northeast Fishery Center were given hormone injections and successfully produced milt in June of 2008.  This represents the first time that Atlantic sturgeon have been raised to sexual maturity in a hatchery environment.  Preliminary examinations showed the milt was likely of very good quality.   In a cooperative project with the University of Maryland, the quality of the hatchery produced milt will be determined and compared with that of milt taken from wild sturgeon on the spawning grounds in late June, 2008 along with cryo-preservation trials in 2008/09.  

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