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Welcome to Chesapeake Bay Field Office. Photo by Laurie Hewitt, USFWS
Chesapeake Bay Field Offiice

Green Office Plan Unveiled
The Chesapeake Bay Field Office has made the commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and carry out other best environmental practices. The practices will reduce energy use in the building, reduce solid waste, reduce water use, improve transportation efficiency and continue to enhance the outdoor landscape.

The initiative addresses two presidential orders signed by both Presidents Bush and Clinton. The directives state that all Federal Departments lead by example to conserve energy in the workplace. In 2008 and beyond we hope to show significant environmental and economic benefits. This plan is a work in progress and will be periodically updated. The plan is divided into four categories:

1. Energy
2. Solid Waste
3. Transportation
4. Water Conservation and Grounds

All staff members are encouraged to participate in the program and to provide input as the plan evolves. The actions in this plan will be carried out in three ways:

  • Changing office policies and procedures (for example: placing a high priority on purchasing fuel efficient vehicles)
  • Individuals taking action (for example: turning off lights and computers)
  • Employing conservation technologies (for example: replacing inefficient light bulbs)
To see all the details of our Green Office Plan go to: http://www.fws.gov/chesapeakebay/GreenOffice.html

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