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Recipe for a Chesapeake Childhood

Recipe for a Chesapeake Childhood cards
link to Recipe for a Chesapeake Childhood cards

Playing outdoors with your kids is not only fun, but good for you and your kids.

To support meaningful play outside, parents now have an easy-to-use tool: Recipe for a Chesapeake Childhood cards.

These cards have a few ideas for playing with your kids outside. The goal is to ignite imagination and creativity, and jumpstart your own explorations. Rediscover the wonder of nature and enjoy breathing fresh air, not being plugged into your phone, computer or television.

The activity cards are organized by season and location. The activities are designed to stir the imagination.  They are focused on what you bring of yourself and not what you pack in a bag.  After your family has tried these activities a few times, your kids may do them with or without you every time they visit a natural area.

If visiting a park or other natural area, be aware of any rules. Many parks promote ‘leave no trace’ practices where the grounds should be left exactly as you found them.  No matter the rules, make sure you are respectful.

Children frequently want to collect plants, insects, frogs and other small animals. Encourage children to observe animals or take pictures. The best way to care for wildlife is to leave them wherever you found them because everything they need to survive is there.

Enjoy, and have fun exploring the seasons!

Recipe for a Chesapeake Childhood cards is just one tool developed in collaboration with the Maryland Children in Nature Partnership. The partnership includes 16 state, federal, county and private organizations are coming together to improve and expand opportunities for children to learn about, play in and experience their natural world and grow to become responsible stewards.

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Karen Kelly-Mullin


Last updated: September 28, 2012