More Homes for Waterfowl and Songbirds
Biologists discuss plans for new wildlife habitat in Talbot County, Maryland. USFWS photo
Biologists discuss plans for the new sanctuary in Talbot County, Maryland

Getting a little more “bang for the buck,” the Chesapeake Bay Field Office Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program joined up with Ducks Unlimited, Maryland-DC Audubon Society, the Waterfowl Festival and Maryland Department of Natural Resources to restore 36 acres of wildlife habitat at the Jean-Ellen Dupont Audubon Sanctuary in Talbot County, Maryland.

The property includes over 200 acres of grass meadows, 300 acres of woodlands, 8 miles of shoreline and 10 miles of walking trails. The Sanctuary is used for scientific research, outdoor science-based education and wildlife and habitat conservation. Nearly 200 bird species frequent the Sanctuary's diverse habitats throughout the year.

Working together, the group is helping the Sanctuary to restore 16 acres of shallow water and emergent wetlands, 6 acres of forested buffers, 14 acres of warm season grass buffers, habitats vital to local wildlife.

In addition, the project will improve and protect water quality by: removing excess nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, from the water; minimizing sediment loads and absorbing chemical and organic pollutants before they can enter the Bay and its tributaries; and prevent erosion by acting as a buffer between larger bodies of water and the land.

Another large grassland restoration is being planned to provide habitat for priority grassland bird species.

For more information about this project, contact:
Rich Mason
Chesapeake Bay Field Office
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
177 Admiral Cochrane Drive
Annapolis MD 21401

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