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Chesapeake Bay Field Office Biologist Receives Wetland Warrior Award

Al Rizzo restoring a cyress swamp. USFWS photo.
Al Rizzo shows people standing around, doing nothing, how to start a wetland project. USFWS photo.

Al Rizzo, Chesapeake Bay Field Office biologist in the Partner’s For Fish and Wildlife Program, is this year's recipient of Delaware's Wetland Warrior Award. The Wetland Warrior award is given by the Delaware Department Natural Resources and Environmental Control to an individual or group in recognition of exemplary efforts that benefit wetlands in Delaware through education and outreach, monitoring and assessment, and restoration and protection.

Al Rizzo is receiving the award because he has improved the future for Delaware wetlands and the services that they provide to the citizens of Delaware by restoring thousands of acres of degraded and former wetlands. He also generously shares his knowledge of wetlands by educating the public on the value of protecting these vital resources and training other wetland scientists on innovative techniques to mend wetlands.

Delaware’s Governor Markel presented the award to Al Rizzo on Governor's Day, July 30th at the State Fair in Harrington, DE.

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Rich Starr


Al explains the value of wetlands to local media. USFWS photo.
Al Rizzo explaiins the value of wetlands to local media. USFWS photo.

Last updated: September 22, 2009