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What happens when you mix locally native plants, a pile of mulch, and a little hard work? Something beautiful that's great for both wildlife and the Chesapeake Bay. In May 2003, CBFO planned and planted a demonstration BayScape garden at a community center in Galestown, Maryland. A year later, the garden is lush, green, and teaming with butterflies. BayScape gardens replace turf and non-native species with native plants, helping to conserve water, reduce pollution, and provide habitat for wildlife.

The Galestown garden was part of a year-long "BayScaping to Benefit the Nanticoke River" program. The program consisted of a series of speakers, workshops, and planting events sponsored by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Chesapeake Bay Field Office and Nanticoke Watershed Preservation Group, Inc., in partnership with the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. All of this was made possible with grants from Chesapeake Bay Trust and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

BayScaping Design tips:

Dream Big. Most of us only have the time and money to plant a bed or two a year, but a well planned design for your whole property can help you decide what to plant and where.
Reduce Lawn Area. Think about places that are only "used" when someone is mowing. These areas are great candidates for new planting beds.
Go Native. Plants native to your local area are adapted to the soil and weather they'll find in your yard. Once established, these plants will grow hardily, and will require little if any watering or care. For a list of Native Plants, see the web address listed below.

For more information on conservation in the Nanticoke River watershed:
Nanticoke Watershed Preservation Group:
Gwen Dryden: 410/883 2303
Frank Feltz: 410/-943 4706

Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Salisbury Office,
Port Exchange Building
312 West Main Street, Suite B-South
Salisbury, MD 21803
phone: 410/543 1999

Nanticoke Watershed Alliance: http://www.nanticokeriver.org

Galestown site in 2003 before work is begun.
Garden in May 2003
galestown garden in July,2003.
Galestown Project in June 2004
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For more information on BayScaping, including design tips, nursery lists, and plant information:
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service http://chesapeakebay.fws.gov/bayscapes.htm
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Guide to Maryland Native Plants http://www.nps.gov/plants/pubs/nativesMD/