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How to identify the Delmarva fox squirrel

There are only two species of tree squirrels on the Delmarva Peninsula that are active during the day.

Delmarva fox squirrel
(Sciurus niger cinereus)

Very large, silvery gray
Very wide, fluffy tail
Short stubby ears; wider head
In forests near farms
Not a true suburban squirrel

Gray squirrel
(Sciurus carolinensis)

Smaller, more brown on back and tail
Tail more narrow
Taller ears; head is more narrow
In forests near farms or houses
Likes suburbs

Comparison of Delmarva fox squirrel and common gray squirrel
Delmarva fox squirrels are larger and more silvery in color. Gray squirrels are smaller and have a brown wash on their backs and tails.

Here are some pictures that show both Delmarva fox squirrels and Gray squirrels together. Can you tell which one is the Delmarva?
Top, left. Middle, right. Bottom, right. How did you do?

Last updated: November 16, 2015