Cleanup cew

April 22, 2008 Earth Day Clean-Up

The staff of Chesapeake Bay Field Office including, biologists, administrative staff and supervisors spent a little bit of their Earth Day cleaning up a small neglected stream near the office. After only one hour, a truckload of trash was already picked up, including, among other things, a house television antenna, a dollar bill, and an unopened 6-pack of beer.

Unopened 6-pack of beer

Leopard frog

Using tools

Job well done

Someone will be unhappy when they fiind this is gone.

Headed down to the stream

Double--fisted hauling

Dan with patio base

Picking up trash can be worthwhile!

picking up

TV antenna

Loading up the truck

Don't even want to know what this is!

Survey the results of their hard work

Location of cleanuup areas