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Who we are
The Alliance for Chesapeake Bay, in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Chesapeake Field Office, and Image Matters LLC, has developed the Native Plant Center for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Region (NPC).

Purpose of the NPC
The NPC facilitates the use of native alternatives to exotic plants, and decreases landscaping that require fertilizers and pesticides.

What the NPC does
The NPC enables landowners, landscapers, and other end users to quickly discover native plants based on their preferences.

What's next?
With Phase I completed, our team is looking for partners who are interested in the continued development of the NPC. We have identified the following Phase II and III functionalities to make this site the "Facebook for Plants"

• Add social web tools that build a community which shares its experience with choosing, buying, planting, and maintaining native plants.
• Provide tools to design, install, and share layouts for gardening and landscaping.• Promote sale of native plants by vendors by publishing their current stock, and directing users to their stores, websites or phones.

Context sensitive user interface
User's IP address is recognized and geocoded, allowing presentation of only those native plants that thrive in the user's location.

Page functionality and content
Home Page
• Recommended Plants for the user's physiographic region
• Featured Plant - user's region
• Many links to off-site content

Plant Database Search Interface
• Database with 417 individual plant records
• Auto-constrained to user's location based on IP-lookup
• Faceted search interface quickly constrains results to site conditions and selected characteristics (e.g., plant type and color, sun exposure, soil moisture and texture)
•Search results of matching plants, presented as list or image set, is updated as facet selections are added, changed, or removed

Plant Details Page
• Page displayed when user selects plant by clicking image or name hyperlink
• Contains all database content for the selected plant
• Access to image gallery for the selected plant
• Interactive map of the plant's suitable growth regions


Last updated: June 14, 2011