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Trap Pond State Park
Laurel, Delaware

Adjacent to a picnic and playground area at a popular state park, this lakefront planting was completed in October 2003. Following a BayScapes design workshop, the garden was designed by volunteers to stem the erosion of imported beach sand and to stabilize the shoreline, as well as to demonstrate the beauty of natives in a garden setting. An interpretive station, to be installed by the park in the corner of the garden, will educate visitors about the plants, and the benefits of conservation landscaping. Children from the local Boys and Girls Club will earn service credits helping to maintain the garden.

The Design
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Project Photos

The Concept Plan

Bed 1

Trap Pond Bed 1

Bed 2

Trap Pond Bed 2

Bed 5

Trap Pond Bed 5

Bed 6

Trap Pond Bed 6

The Plant List
All the plants used in this planting are native to Delaware's coastal plain. This plant list includes information on the flower color and flowering period, height range, and the proper scientific name for each of the plants in the plan.

Seven months later... June 2004
Even though most of the plants are still small, the area is already more interesting visually. The new plants will help prevent the sand from covering the sidewalk again.

Trap Pond State Park June '04

Trap Pond State Park June '04

Trap Pond State Park June '04


Why BayScape?

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USFWS Plant List

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Online Native Plant Center now available to help you find native Plants of the same type, shape color, size and other desirable plant characteristics for creating attractive and more natural landscapes in your yard.



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