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Hurricane Sandy Remapping Project - Batch 1

Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) has prepared draft revised boundaries that propose modifications to the Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS) in Delaware, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, as well as the designation of a new unit in New Hampshire. This first batch of the Hurricane Sandy Remapping Project includes a total of 148 CBRS units (112 existing units and 36 proposed new units). The breakdown of units by state is as follows: 8 existing units and 3 proposed new units in Delaware, 86 existing units and 23 proposed new units in Massachusetts, 1 proposed new unit in New Hampshire, and 18 existing units and 9 proposed new units in New Jersey. Three of the existing units have no proposed changes. Ten of the 36 proposed new units are comprised either partially or mostly of areas that are currently contained within the CBRS, but are proposed for reclassification from System Unit to OPA or vice-versa. Twenty-six of the 36 proposed new units are comprised entirely of areas that are not currently contained within the CBRS. Nine of the existing 112 units are proposed for reclassification from System Unit to OPA or vice-versa, and therefore their current unit numbers are retired, resulting in 139 total proposed units.

If adopted by Congress, the proposed boundaries would remove 557 acres from the CBRS (371 acres of land above mean high tide and 186 acres of wetlands and open water) and add approximately 136,268 acres to the CBRS (6,051 acres of land above mean high tide and 130,217 acres of wetlands and open water). The proposed boundaries would remove 271 structures from the CBRS and add 199 structures to the CBRS. A summary of metrics associated with the proposed changes for each state is below. More detailed information regarding the specific proposed changes to each unit is available in the set of unit summaries below.

CBRS Projects Mapper

Draft revised CBRS units (including additions, deletions, and reclassifications) within active mapping projects; date last modified Mar. 9, 2018. Use this mapper to view changes to the CBRS that are proposed by the Service. 

Note: The revised units depicted in this mapper are not currently effective.

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Virtual Public Meetings

We will hold public meetings via webcast and teleconference. The meetings will be held on May 8, 2018 (for Delaware and New Jersey) and May 9, 2018 (for Massachusetts and New Hampshire) at 10:00 am (EST). To ensure that enough call–in lines are available, we request that participants register by emailing cbra@fws.gov by close of business May 1, 2018. Please specify which public meeting you plan to participate in (Delaware/New Jersey or Massachusetts/New Hampshire). 

Request for Comments

We invite you to review the proposed boundaries and provide input to the Service during the 120-day public comment period that will close on July 10, 2018. You may submit written comments by one of the following methods:

Electronically: Go to the Federal e–Rulemaking Portal: http://www.regulations.gov. Search for FWS-HQ-ES-2018-0004, which is the docket number for this notice.

By hard copy: Submit by U.S. mail or hand–delivery to: Public Comments Processing, Attn: Docket No. FWS-HQ-ES-2018-0004; Division of Policy, Performance, and Management Programs; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; 5275 Leesburg Pike, MS: BPHC; Falls Church, VA 22041–3808.

Last updated: May 18, 2018