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Threatened and Endangered Species

Survey Information

The standardized survey protocols provided below are recommended for establishing the presence or absence of the listed species that occur within the CFWO area of responsibility.

Please be sure you complete a current copy of the 3-200-55 Recovery Permit form. More information is available on our Recovery Permits webpage.



Arroyo Toad Survey Protocol



Casey's June beetle

Delhi Sands Flower-Loving Fly Survey Guidelines 1996

DSFLF Changes to Survey Guidelines 2004

DSFLF Guidelines for Presence/Absence Surveys

Laguna Mountain Skipper Survey Guidelines

Quino checkerspot butterfly Survey Guidelines




Coastal California Gnatcatcher Presence/Absence Survey Protocol

Least Bell's Vireo Survey Guidelines




Desert Tortoise Survey Information

Survey guidelines for other species in the Service's Pacific Southwest Region can be found on the Regional website


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