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Willowy Monardella (Monardella viminea)


Willowy monardella is a perennial herb or subshrub in the mint family. This plant grows in clumps made up of 1-4 individual plants. Due to the difficulty in distinguishing the number of separate plants that comprise a clump (without damaging the roots), occurrences of the plant are identified as clumps, rather than a number of individual plants.

Willowy monardella grows in coastal sage scrub and riparian scrub in sandy bottoms and on banks of ephemeral washes in canyons. It is only known from three watersheds north of Kearny Mesa in San Diego County.

A photo of willowy monardella may be viewed on Flickr.




Sept. 27, 2011, News Release Announcing Draft Economic Analysis and Proposed Revised Critical Habitat

The September 28, 2011, Proposed Rule Addressing Information for Willowy Mondardella is Available on Docket number FWS-R8-ES-2010-0076

June 8, 2011, News Release Announcing Proposals for Two Species of Mint Plant




Nov. 8, 2006 Press Release Announcing 2006 Final Critical Habitat Designation

June 1, 2006 Press Release Announcing Draft Economic Analysis and Proposed Critical Habitat


Nov. 9, 2005, Press Release Announcing Proposed Critical Habitat -

Documents and information, including Federal Register Notices, Recovery Plans, and 5-Year Reviews, relating to willowy monardella, are available on the Service's Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS) - WILLOWY MONARDELLA


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