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Threatened and Endangered Species

Riverside Fairy Shrimp (Streptocephalus wootoni)

The Riverside fairy shrimp measures less than an inch long and is found only in vernal pools, ponds, and other ephemeral pool-like bodies of water. During dry periods, cysts of the species lay dormant in the soil and hatch when adequate rainfall fills the ponds and pools.



Feb. 29, 2012, Draft Economic Analysis of Proposed Critical Habitat Revision Released for Public Review


May 31, 2011 Press Release Announcing Proposed Riverside Fairy Shrimp Critical Habitat Revision

The June 1, 2011, Proposed Rule to revise critical habitat for the Riverside fairy shrimp is available on Docket number FWS-R8-ES-2011-0013


April 12, 2005, Press Release for Riverside Fairy Shrimp Critical Habitat Designation



October 19, 2004, Press Release for Draft Economic Analysis

May 24, 2001 Press Release for Critical Habitat Designation

Documents and information, including Federal Register notices, Recovery Plans, and 5-Year Reviews relating to the Riverside Fairy Shrimp, are available through the Service’s Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS) – RIV FAIRY SHRIMP


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