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Coachella Valley Milk-Vetch (Astragalus lentiginosus var. coachellae)

Coachella Valley milk-vetch is an endangered plant found primarily on loose, aeolian (wind transported) or fluvial (water transported) sand systems located on dunes or flats, and along disturbed margins of sandy washes. It is an annual or short-lived perennial endemic to the Coachella Valley, Riverside County, California.

A photo of Coachella Valley milk-vetch may be viewed on Flickr.



May 15, 2012, Press Release for Reopening of Comment Period on the Proposed Rule to Designate Critical Habitat and Availability of the Draft Economic Analysis

The May 16, 2012, proposed rule, reopening of comment period, and draft economic analysis for Coachella Valley milk-vetch is available on Docket number FWS -R8-ES-2011-0064


August 24, 2011, Press Release for New Revision of Critical Habitat

The August 25, 2011, Proposed Rule to revise critical habitat for Coachella Valley milk-vetch is available on Docket number FWS-R8-ES-2011-0064




December 14, 2005, Press Release for Final Critical Habitat Designation

September 27, 2005, Press Release for Draft Economic Analysis




December 14, 2004, Press Release for Proposed Critical Habitat



Documents and information, including Federal Register notices and 5-Year Reviews relating to Coachella Valley milk-vetch, are available through the Service's Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS) - COACHELLA VALLEY MILK-VETCH




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