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Arroyo Toad Information

A public domain photo of the arroyo toad is available on Flickr.


The arroyo toad is a small, stocky amphibian. Arroyo toads are buff-colored, and their soft, high whistled trill is often mistaken for an insect’s call. The toads are present in portions of 25 river basins in the U.S. They use streams that have slow-moving currents with shallow pools, nearby sandbars and adjacent stream terraces for breeding.


For documents and information relating to Federal actions for the arroyo toad, including regulations, 5-year reviews, and Recovery Plans, please visit to the Service's Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS) - ARROYO TOAD



March 26, 2014 News Release Announcing Proposed Reclassification of Arroyo Toad From Endangered to Threatened

The Proposed Rule to Reclassify the Arroyo Toad is available on Docket Number FWS–R8–ES–2014–0007.

Comments will be accepted on this proposal until May 27, 2014.



February 8, 2011 News Release Announcing Final Critical Habitat Revision for Arroyo Toad


June 28, 2010, News Release Announcing Draft Economic Analysis on Revised Critical Habitat for Arroyo Toad Released


Oct. 9, 2009, News Release Announcing Proposed Rule to Revise Critical Habitat for the Arroyo Toad




July 20, 2007, News Release for Service's Determination to Review 8 Endangered Species Decisions, Including the 2005 Arroyo Toad Critical Habitat Designation




April 13, 2005, News Release Announcing Revised Final Critical Habitat Designation

Feb. 14, 2005, News Release Announcing Draft Economic Analysis for the 2004 Proposed Revision of Critical Habitat



April 28, 2004, News Release for Proposed Rule to Revise the 2001 Critical Habitat Designation for the Arroyo Toad



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