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Desert Tortoise:

Desert Tortoise


Species Profile


Common Name

Scientific Name

Species Status

  Desert Tortoise Gopherus agassizzii

Desert Tortoise Recovery

  Desert Tortoise Recovery Office (DTRO)

Survey Protocols & Guidelines

  2018 Mojave Desert Tortoise Pre-project Survey Protocol
  Table 2 Pre-project Survey Protocol
  2010 Desert Tortoise Clearance Survey Reporting Data Sheet Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon

Authorized Biologist And Monitor Responsibilities And Qualifications Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Permit Statement Pertaining to High Temperatures for Handling Desert Tortoises Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Transmitter Records Database Microsoft Excel Logo


Transmitter Form Metadata Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Common Raven Management


Raven EA Final Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


FONSI Reduce Raven Predation on the Desert Tortoise Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Raven EA Final Appendix F Response to Public Comments, Final  [2.96mb] Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon




Field Manual


Chapter 1 - Purpose Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Chapter 2 - Procedures For Federal Endangered Species Act Compliance For The Desert Tortoise Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Chapter 3 - Federal And State Authorizations For Implementing Measures Required Under Sections 7 Or 10 Of The Esa For The Desert Tortoise -Mojave Population Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Chapter 4 - General Ecology And Survey Protocol For Determining Presence/Absence And Abundance For The Desert Tortoise - Mojave Population [pdf 737kb] Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Chapter 5 - After A Biological Opinion Or Take Permit Has Been Issued For The Desert Tortoise -Mojave Population: Preliminary Considerations Before Going To The Field Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Chapter 6 - Clearance Survey Protocol For The Desert Tortoise -Mojave Population Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Chapter 7 - Guidelines For Handling Desert Tortoises- Mojave Population And Their Eggs Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


Chapter 8 - Desert Tortoise Exclusion Fence Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon


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