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Coastal Program

The Coastal Program, one of four primary Conservation Partnerships Programs here at Carlsbad (Partners for Fish and Wildlife, Coastal, Section 6, Schoolyard Habitat), works to restore and protect coastal habitat areas such as wetlands, uplands, coastal streams, and riparian zones for Service trust species including migratory birds, threatened and endangered species, fishes, and marine mammals.

It also works in partnership with Federal, state, and local governments; tribes; and private organizations and individuals to:

  • Carry out voluntary on-the-ground habitat conservation projects through conservation easements and land acquisitions;
  • Provide incentives for voluntary protection of Service trust species and other species on both private and public lands;
  • Engage public participation in solving problems;
  • Leverage financial and technical resources; and
  • Multiply the impact of the taxpayer's dollars on projects that benefit trust species

The Coastal Program is a direct Federal assistance program, providing technical and/or financial assistance for approved Coastal Program projects. 

Coastal Program projects include the following activities:

  • Restoring degraded coastal habitats resulting in native habitat improvement, protection and management of Service trust species;
  • Protecting existing, high quality coastal habitats;
  • Providing permanent protection of coastal habitats;
  • Identifying coastal habitats that should be protected and restored;
  • Providing leadership and technical expertise to others in administering coastal habitat programs;
  • Broadening the public’s understanding of habitat functions, fish and wildlife, and the benefits of having healthy wildlife habitat (e.g., improved water quality, improved recreational value);
  • Demonstrating restoration techniques and incorporating citizen input in the design and implementation of projects; and
  • Showing the importance of proper land use and land management practices

The Coastal Program’s protection and restoration successes give hope that, through the cooperative efforts of many public and private partners, adequate coastal habitat for fish and wildlife will exist for future generations to enjoy.

If you are interested in having the Carlsbad Office's Coastal Program involved on a project, please contact our Coastal Program Coordinator, Carolyn Lieberman at 760-431-9440.

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