Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
Map of the Southeast Region

The refuge is closed to the public. There are no public use activities available at this refuge.

No Firearms All Firearms are prohibited. No All fires are prohibited.
No Horses Horses and horseback riding are prohibited. No Animals Pets must be on a leash, under the owner’s control at all times.
No Camping Camping is prohibited. No Off Road Vehicles All off road vehicles are prohibited.
No Hunting Hunting and possessing any animals (living or dead) is prohibited. No Littering Littering on Refuge lands are prohibited.
* Other activities may require a special use permit before taking place.
  • The Refuge is open for daylight use only.
  • Where posted, unauthorized entry is prohibited.
  • Searching for or removing any object of antiquity or artifacts is prohibited.
  • Removing plants, trees and wildlife for any use is prohibited.
  • No domestic or wild animals may be brought or released onto Refuge lands.

Special Note*

Desecheo, Green Cay and Navassa are closed to the public.



We have completed a new bike trail near the refuge!

Last updated: September 15, 2014
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