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Libros y Actividades para Niños
Books and Activities for Kids

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  cover page, drawing of a PR Parrot and a Crested Toad looking at each other.   Cover page, handpainted image of a PR Parrot facing forward   Handpainted book cover, seaturtle swimming towards a group of islands

Story about the Puerto Rican Crested Toad featuring the PR Parrot

Puerto Rican Parrot Coloring Book (text in Spanish)
Story about Sea turtles and Climate Change

The Schoolyard Habitat Program

Teachers and students can create wildlife habitat on school grounds. Habitat is the collective term for the food, water, shelter and nursery areas that all wildlife needs to survive. The loss of habitat is one of the greatest threats facing wildlife today.

In Puerto Rico we have worked with multiple schools.  To participate there is a competitive process. For application, deadlines and other information please contact Iván Llerandi at 787-851-7297 ext 224. 

El Programa Para la Vida Silvestre en el Plantel Escolar

Los maestros y estudiantes pueden crean o mejorar hábitat silvestre dentro del plantel escolar. El "hábitat" es un término que agrupa alimentos, agua, albergue y áreas de anidaje que toda la vida silvestre necesita para sobrevivir.

En Puerto Rico hemos trabajado con varias escuelas.La fecha límite para solicitar cambia todos los años. Para más información favor comunciarse con Iván Llerandi al 787-851-7297 ext 224. 

Download a copy of the School Yard Habitat Project Guide (PDF 5,191KB)

Official U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website for Kids

Children and Nature website


Last updated: September 19, 2014