Ecological Services in the Caribbean
Oficina de Servicios Ecológicos del Caribe -- Southeast Region
Map of the Southeast Region

Self-Certification Templates


Self-certification templates are provide as samples and require to be modified as needed. Choose a self-certification template depending on the proposed project.

Instructions on how to submit to our office the proposed project with self-certification follows:

1. Download and modify self-certification template according to the project.

    Communications Tower template 

    HUD and others template

2. Print on agency letterhead paper.

3. Maintain a copy of completed self-certification with applicable blanket clearance letter from appropriate agency for your records.

4. Submit copy of the self-certification with project map and photos by one of the following methods:

by email:

by fax: 787-851-7440

by mail: Blanket Letter Certification

              U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

              P.O. Box 491

              Boquerón, Puerto Rico 00622

For additional information contact: Ángel Colón at 787-851-7297 ext 214 or Marelisa Rivera at

ext 206


Project Review Process

Blanket Clearance Letters




Last updated: September 14, 2015
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