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As a volunteer of the US Fish and Wildlife Service you can be almost anything from a biological assistant to an administrative assistant. Volunteers at National Wildlife Refuges perform a number of activities and duties that help improve and conserve our wildlife habitats and the endangered species that live in it. Whether you are interested in learning more about conservation, enjoying life outdoors, like natural resources or simply want to contribute you spare time in something useful, being part of the Service’s Volunteer Group is for you.

What do our volunteers do?
Volunteers at the Caribbean National Wildlife Refuges can perform biological, administrative or even maintenance and construction projects. All you need is to do is to identify your interests and what areas you would like to work on:

  • Biological assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Sea turtle monitoring
  • Habitat restoration and reforestation
  • Exotic species eradication
  • GIS (projects involving Geographic Information Systems)
  • Photography
  • Mistnetting and bird monitoring
  • Interpretative guide
  • Construction
  • Any ideas you can provide?

In general, you won’t need experience or special skills to apply for volunteer opportunities. Some projects provide training needed for specific tasks. Volunteer interests are adapted to ongoing projects at the time of application.

How Do I Find Out About Volunteer Opportunities?
Volunteer opportunities with the FWS can be found at, an interagency Web site of national volunteer opportunities. At this site, prospective volunteers can also apply to opportunities of interest by using the application link at the bottom of each volunteer position description. Should you be unable to find a volunteer opportunity of interest or at a location where you would like to volunteer, contact us directly at to see what other opportunities may be available.



We have completed a new bike trail near the refuge!

Last updated: September 15, 2014
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