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Listing History of the coqui llanero

This document contains a chronological order of key documents that were released for public review and form the basis for the US Fish and Wildlife listing the coqui llanero as an endangered species and designating critical habitat.


Petition to list the coqui llanero


Coqui Llanero. Credit: USFWS
Coqui Llanero. Credit: Carlos Pacheco, USFWS
Coqui Llanero. Credit: USFWS
Coqui Llanero. Credit: Carlos Pacheco, USFWS
Coqui Llanero Habitat. Credit: USFWS
Coqui Llanero Habitat. Credit: USFWS


90 day Finding

Federal Register notice

Press release english

Press release spanish

Looking for info on the petion process and the ESA, here are some additional references:

Coquí Llanero Proposed Listing and Critical Habitat Determination

The U. S. Fish and Wildlife has determined that listing the tree frog, Coquí Llanero (Eleutherodactylus juanariveroi) as an endangered species is warranted under the Endangered Species Act and is proposing to designate 615 acres of public and private land in, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico as critical habitat for the species. The finding, proposed listing and critical habitat determination were published in the Federal Register on October 12, 2011.  A 60 day public comment period is open until December 12, 2011.

coqui llanero on a brach looking straight to the camera
cluster of coqui llanero eggs on a sagittariea lancifolia leaf
coqui llanero profile, standing on a leaf with another leaf partially obstructing view

Proposed Rule to List as Endangered and Critical Habitat Designation (PDF)

Press Release English

Comunicado de Prensa en Español

Coqui Llanero Factsheet with map of proposed critical habitat

Hoja de Datos del Coquí llanero con mapa de hábitat crítoco propuesto

Photos by J.P. Zegarra, USFWS.

Click on photo for larger images.


Economic analysis for critical habitat designation available

coqui llanero on a leaf

June 18, 2012- Press Release

18 de Junio de 2012- Comunicado en español

Coquí Llanero 2012 Fact Sheet

Economic Analysis- Federal Register Notice (pdf)

June 18, 2012- Service is re-opening comment period on a proposal to designate critical habitat for the coquí llanero. Economic analysis available for review. Read More

18 de Junio de 2012- Se reabre el período de comentario público para la propuesta de designar hábitat crítico para el coquí llanero. El análisis económico disponible para revisión. Lea el resto de la historia



Service Protects Coquí Llanero Under the Endangered Species Act
Information from the Public, Scientific Community Informs Final Decision


October 3 -Press Release

Comunicado en español

Summary of the Final Rule

Listing History


Last updated: November 2, 2012