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Comprehensive Conservation Plan for Cahaba River

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The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is beginning work on a comprehensive conservation plan (CCP) for the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge. The purpose of the conservation plan is to develop proposed actions that best achieve the refuges purposes; attains the vision and goals developed for the refuges; contributes to National Wildlife Refuge System (Refuge System, NWRS) mission; addresses key challenges, issues and relevant mandates; and is consistent with sound principles of fish and wildlife management.

Specifically, the Plan is needed to:

  • Provide a clear statement of refuge management direction;
  • Provide refuge neighbors, visitors, and government officials with an understanding of Service management actions on and around the refuge;
  • Ensure that Service management actions, including land protection and recreation/education programs, are consistent with the mandates of the National Wildlife Refuge System; and
  • Provide a basis for the development of budget requests for operations, maintenance, and capital improvement needs.

Who Will Be Involved in Developing the Plan?

Refuge staff in Anniston and Decatur, Alabama will lead the effort, with assistance from the Service’s Southeast Regional Office in Atlanta. We have invited other Service experts, as well as representatives from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, US Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy and other conservation professionals, to serve on our core planning team.

This planning project also provides a unique opportunity for the Service to involve individuals and local communities in the long-term management of the refuge.

We hope that you, and other interested groups and individuals, will participate in this conservation planning process. We are in the preplanning stage (gathering information and data to begin to evaluate past, present and future for the refuge) for the CCP and would like to hear your thoughts on current management, including biological and public use programs, or any other issues of importance to you. We hope to engage local residents and community leaders in discussing future refuge management through the next phase of this conservation planning process – Public scoping. Public Scoping involves holding public meetings and taking comments on what the public sees as the issues, concerns, and challenges for the Refuge over the next 15 years. After Public Scoping, we will then review all the information, data, and comments gathered from all the sources (e.g., from the public, partners, other governmental agencies, organizations, and local businesses) and begin drafting a 15-year management plan for the Refuge. Once a draft is complete, we will go back to the public for review and comment.

How Can I Get Involved?

The Issues Workbook is an attempt to jump start your involvement. We will also provide other forums to facilitate public participation. Below is a list of options we intend to use. We would be interested to know if you have other ideas you would like us to pursue.

  • Hold open houses
  • Develop informational newsletters
  • Participate in civic and professional group events
  • Give presentations at community leadership meetings
  • Write feature articles
  • Provide status updates on refuge website and Facebook page

For Additional Information

Contact the refuge:
Cahaba River NWR
PO Box 5087
407 Baby Bains Gap Road
Anniston, AL 36205
Phone (256) 848-6833

Public Meeting Announcements and Dates

Planning Updates

Planning Update 1: CCP Overview and Issues Workbook (1.4 mb)

Planning Update 2: Scoping (271 kb)

Planning Update 3: Environmental Assessment (367 kb)

Issues Workbook

Download in PDF format (705 kb)

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Last updated: September 13, 2013