Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Bond Swamp NWR Trails

Visitor Opportunities

Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is managed in coordination with Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge. Offices for both refuges are located in the Piedmont Refuge Visitor Center which contains exhibits describing wildlife and habitats found at Bond Swamp. The Visitor Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, except on federal holidays/ Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is open daily during daylight hours, although some access roads and portions of the refuge may be closed during periods of flooding or deer and feral hog hunts.

Walking Trails

Hiking on the refuge can be enjoyable throughout the year. Approximately four miles of hiking trails are available. The Longleaf Pine trail provides views on an upland pine/hardwood forest, while the Beaver Swamp Loop trail meanders along Stone Creek and through forested wetlands. Additional information on Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge can be found at kiosks located in the Stone Creek and Longleaf Pine trail parking areas, in the Bond Swamp Refuge general brochure and at the Visitor Center at Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge.

Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, including hiking trails, is closed for short periods during limited Refuge hunts. Contact the main Refuge office at (478) 986 - 5441 for more information.

Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Trail Map

A Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Hiking Trail Map can be obtained by contacting the Visitor Center or sending an e-mail with your request to

Ticks and chiggers are present throughout the year and are especially bad in the summer and early fall. Biting yellow-flies are also present in the summer. Use a strong insect repellent.

The Beaver Swap Loop trail may be closed due to flooding during periods of heavy rain in the winter and spring months.


Last updated: May 29, 2009