Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Sport Fishing

Credit: USFWS

Credit: USFWS

Fishing is open March 15 through October 15, from sunrise to sunset.

Fishing is permitted only in areas designated as open to fishing.

Species limits: same as State regulations except largemouth bass must be 14 inches in length to keep.

Fisherman may use only rod and reel or pole and line to fish.

Fisherman man not place or throw feeds to attract fish.

Bond Swamp Fishing Regulations

Designated Fishing Areas

Reids Station Road - bank fishing on Stone Creek - may fish along the north side of road and may walk south along creek bank to power line about 1/4 mile.

Stone Creek Parking Area - walk in 300 yards to creek - can fish north along creek to beaver pond and south to railroad tracks.

Bondsview Road - drive to railroad tracks to park, then walk 100 yards to river on marked trail.

How to Get Refuge Permits

Permits are required for all fishermen regardless of age. When signed, a Bond Swamp Hunting and Fishing Regulations brochure serves as a permit. Permits may be obtained at the Stone Creek and Longlead Pine Trail parking lots, the Piedmont Refuge headquarters in Jones county, by mail, telephone or email at (478) 986 - 5441. Please request Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Hunting and Fishing Regulations brochure.

**To report a violation on the refuge, if you have a question about required fishing licenses, fishing seasons, or if you have any other law enforcement question, please contact Refuge Officer Thomas Payne at, or contact the Piedmont Refuge office (478) 986 - 5441.



Last updated: May 29, 2009