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Forest Management Workshop

This workshop was held in Madison, Indiana from August 8-10, 2006 and hosted by Big Oaks NWR.

Workshop Steering Committee Members: Jennifer Casey, Jason Lewis, Karen Westphall, Greg Corace, Timothy Yager, Kathleen Burchett, Thomas LaPointe, Thomas Palmer, Wedge Watkins, Wayne Brininger, Andrew Weick, Melinda Knutson, Joe Robb, Stacy Seamans, Richard Speer, Todd Sutherland

Goal of the Workshop: To clarify forest management research needs that could be incorporated into a multi-refuge adaptive management project, a collaborative project between USGS and FWS.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  1. Gain an understanding of the current status of forest management on refuges.
  2. Review the science of forest management on conservation lands.
  3. Increase understanding of how adaptive management and modeling can be applied to improve forest management on refuges.
  4. Inform the call for proposals from USGS and set the stage for designing an adaptive management research project.
    1. Define problem(s) and identify threats with regard to forest management on refuges.
    2. Identify information needs for setting or achieving forest management objectives on refuges; identify obstacles that make it difficult to set or achieve management objectives.
    3. Use Refuge Management Scenarios to share ideas and explore the thought process that is required for setting measurable forest management objectives (desired future conditions) and identify metrics that could be monitored by refuges.
    4. Use a Regional Forest Management scenario to share ideas for setting measurable Regional forest management objectives (desired future conditions) for the Refuge System.
    5. Explore possible themes for a multi-refuge project to work on with USGS, with a focus on forest management, including identifying metrics that could be monitored by multiple refuges.

Workshop Downloads:

Resource Materials:
This link opens in a new windowSeymour, R.S. and M.L. Hunter, Jr. 1999.
Principles of Ecological Forestry. Ch. 2 (p. 22-61) In: Managing Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems. M.L. Hunter, Jr., editor. Cambridge Univ. Press. 698 p.
(2.91 Adobe pdf file)

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