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Refuge Staff Publications

Note: Author(s) in italic denotes NWRS staff


Buehler, D. A., J. J. Giocomo, J. Jones, P. B. Hamel, C. M. Rogers, T. A. Beachy, D. W. Varble, C. P. Nicholson, K. L. Roth, J. Barg, R. J. Robertson, J. R. Robb, and K. Islam. 2008. Cerulean warbler reproduction, survival, and models of population decline. Journal of Wildlife Management 72:646-653.

Clark, W.R., C.J. Henry, and C.L. Dettman. 2008. Demographic processes influencing population viability of the Iowa Pleistocene snail (Discus macclintocki). American Midland Naturalist 160:129-139. (1.2 MB Adobe pdf file)

Corcoran, R.M., J.R. Lovvorn, P.J. Heglund. 2008. Long-term change in limnology and invertebrates in Alaskan boreal wetlands. Hydrobiologia. Online version. DOI 10.1007/s10750-008-9616-5.

Corace, R.G. III, Flaspohler, D.J. and L.M. Shartell. In press. Latitudinal gradients in hayfield mowing patterns in the Upper Great Lakes region: implications for grassland bird conservation. Landscape Ecology.

Corace, R.G. III, K.P. Leister, and E. Brosnan. 2008
Efficacy of Different Glyphosate Concentrations in Managing Glossy Buckthorn (Frangula alnus) Resprouts (Michigan). Ecological Restoration 26: 111-113. (1.05 MB Adobe pdf file)

Drobyshev, I., Goebel, P.C., Hix, D.M., Corace, R.G. III and M. Semko-Duncan. 2008. Interactions among forest composition, structure, fuel loadings and fire history: a case study of red pine-dominated forests of Seney National Wildlife Refuge. Forest Ecology and Management 256:1723-1733. (1.2 MB Adobe pdf file)

Drobyshev, I., P. C. Goebel, D. M. Hix, R. G. Corace, III, and M. E. Semko-Duncan. 2008. Pre- and post-European settlement fire history of red pine dominated forest ecosystems of Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Michigan. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 38:2497-2514. (1.58 MB Adobe pdf file)

Hart, S.N., F.E. Durbian, C.B. Dillman and T.T. Eckdahl. In Press. Assessment of allelic variation among massasauga rattlesnake populations via microsatellite analysis. Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science.

Durbian, F. E., R. S. King, T. Crabill, H. Lambert-Doherty, and R. A. Seigel. 2008.
Massasauga home range patterns in the Midwest. Journal of Wildlife Management 72:754-759. (231 KB Adobe pdf file)

Grant, T.A., B. Flanders-Wanner, T.L. Shaffer, R.K. Murphy, and G.A. Knutsen. In Press. An emerging crisis across northern prairie refuges – prevalence of invasive plants – and a plan for adaptive management. Ecological Restoration.

Heglund, P.J., M. Suarez, R. Kratt. 2008. Long-range surveillance radar biology: multi-year NEXRAD animation of peak avian migration periods for the State of Wisconsin. 2 DVDs available from USGS- Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, La Crosse, WI.

Knutson, M.G., N.P Danz, T.W. Sutherland, and B.R. Gray. 2008. Landbird Monitoring Protocol for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Midwest and Northeast Regions. Version 1.0. Biological Monitoring Team Technical Report BMT-2008-01. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, La Crosse, WI. (2.5 MB Adobe pdf file)

Linda M. Nagel, R. Gregory Corace, III, and Andrew J. Storer. 2008
An Experimental Approach to Testing the Efficacy of Management Treatments for Glossy Buckthorn at Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Michigan. Ecological Restoration 26: 136-142 (468 KB Adobe pdf file)

Ridge, J., T. P. Simon, D. Karns, and J. Robb 2008. Comparison of three burrowing crayfish capture methods based on relationships with species morphology, seasonality, and habitat quality. Journal of Crustacean Biology 28:466-472.

Sauer, J. R., and M. G. Knutson. 2008. Objectives and metrics for wildlife monitoring. Journal of Wildlife Management 72:1663-1664.

Spears, B. L., M. W. Brown, and C. M. Hester. 2008. Evaluation of polychlorinated biphenyl remediation at a superfund site using tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) as indicators. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 27:2512-2520.(305 KB Adobe pdf file)

Thogmartin, W. E., M. Gallagher, N. Young, J. J. Rohweder, and M. G. Knutson. In press. Factors associated with succession of abandoned agricultural lands along the Lower Missouri River, U.S.A. Restoration Ecology.


Griffin, A. D., F. E. Durbian, and R. L. Bell. 2007. Elaphe vulpina (Western Foxsnake). Herpetological Review 38:206-207.(133 KB Adobe pdf file)

Heitmeyer, M. E., and K. Westphall. 2007.
An evaluation of ecosystem restoration and management options for the Calhoun and Gilbert Lake Divisions of Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge. Gaylord Memorial Laboratory and Mark Twain National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Quincy, IL.

Potter, B. A., G. J. Soulliere, D. N. Ewert, M. G. Knutson, W. E. Thogmartin, J. S. Castrale, and M. J. Roell. 2007.
Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region Joint Venture Landbird Habitat Conservation Strategy. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Fort Snelling, MN.  124 pp.

Shaffer, J. A., G. A. Knutsen, R. E. Martin, and J. S. Brice. 2007. Pattern and potential causes of White-faced Ibis, Plegadis chihi, establishment in the northern prairie and parkland region of North America. Canadian Field-Naturalist 121:46-57.(1.03 MB Adobe pdf file)


Corace, R. G., B. Lundrigan, and P. Myers. 2006.
Nest site habitat and prey use of a breeding pair of Great Gray Owls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Passenger Pigeon 68:353-360. (463 KB Adobe pdf file)

Corace, R. G., D. L. McCormick, and V. Cavalieri. 2006.
Population growth parameters of a reintroduced Trumpeter Swan flock, Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Michigan, USA (1991-2004). Waterbirds 29:38-42. (40 KB Adobe pdf file)

Durbian, F. E. 2006.
Effects of Mowing and Summer Burning on the Massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus). American Midland Naturalist 155:329–334.(55 KB Adobe pdf file)

Farmer, A., and F. Durbian. 2006.
Estimating shorebird numbers at migration stopover sites. Condor 108:792-807. (783 KB Adobe pdf file)

Knutson, M. G., L. A. Powell, M. A. Friberg, G. J. Niemi, and R. K. Hines. 2006.
An assessment of bird habitat quality using population growth rates. Condor 108:301-314. (256 KB Adobe pdf file) This link opens in a new window[Appendices ABC] (367 KB Adobe pdf file)

Knutson, M. G., T. Sutherland, and H. Laskowski. 2006. Management-focused research needs of refuges in the Midwest and Northeast Regions of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, FY2006. Biological Monitoring Team Technical Report BMT-2006-01. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Refuge System, La Crosse, WI.(289 KB Adobe pdf file)

Knutson, M. G., T. Sutherland, H. Laskowski, S. Lor, K. Ranallo, and M. Williams. 2006. Biological surveys on refuges in the Midwest and Northeast Regions of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, FY 2003-2005. Biological Monitoring Team Technical Report BMT-2006-02. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Refuge System, La Crosse, WI.(767 KB Adobe pdf file)

Mitchell, L. R., S. Gabrey, P. P. Mara, and R. M. Erwin. 2006.
Impacts of marsh management on coastal-marsh bird habitats. Studies in Avian Biology 32:155-175.(394 KB Adobe pdf file)

Mohler, J. W., P. Morrison, and J. Haas. 2006.
The Mussels of Muddy Creek on Erie National Wildlife Refuge. Northeastern Naturalist 13:569-582. (842 KB Adobe pdf file)


Goebel, P. C., T. C. Wyse, and R. G. Corace. 2005.
Determining reference ecosystem conditions for disturbed landscapes within the context of contemporary resource management issues. Journal of forestry Oct/Nov:351-356. (707 KB Adobe pdf file)
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Grant, T. A., and R. K. Murphy. 2005.
Changes in Woodland Cover on Prairie Refuges in North Dakota, USA. Natural Areas Journal 25:359-368.(1.62 MB Adobe pdf file)
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McAuley, D. G., J. R. Longcore, D. A. Clugston, R. B. Allen, A. Weik, S. Williamson, J. Dunn, B. Palmer, K. Evans, W. Staats, G. F. Sepik, and W. Halteman. 2005.
Effects of hunting on survival of American woodcock in the Northeast. Journal of Wildlife Management 69:1565-1577.(771 KB Adobe pdf file)

Murphy, R. K., and T. A. Grant. 2005.
Land management history and floristics in mixed-grass prairie, North Dakota, USA. Natural Areas Journal 25:351-358.(398 KB Adobe pdf file)


McAuley, D. G., J. R. Longcore, and G. F. Sepik. 1990.
Renesting by American Woodcocks (Scolopax minor) in Maine. Auk 107:407-410. (335 KB Adobe pdf file)


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