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Project Documents
This will have links to various documents that THIS project has produced.  The documents are listed in the order in
which they were produced. Newer documents may reflect changes (i.e. dates, schedules) from older documents. It may take a few minutes to download these documents. Acrobat Reader is required for opening files.

1.Notice of Intent

2. Planning Update #1

3. Planning Update #2

4.Scoping Brochure

5. Alternative Development Brochure

6. Planning Update #5

7. Scoping Report  

8. Planning Update #6

9. Planning Update #7 Overview of Draft Bison and Elk Plan/EIS

10. Notice of Availability for the Draft Bison and Elk Mgt Plan/EIS

11. Draft Bison and Elk Management Plan/EIS 

12. Planning Update #8 Public Comment Overview

13. Final Bison and Elk Management Plan/EIS

14. Record of Decision on the Final Bison and Elk Management Plan/EIS

15. Planning Update #9

16. Bison and Elk Management Plan (Final Plan)