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News Releases for Bison and Elk Management Plan
News releases are organized with the most recent release appearing first.
Date of Release


June 4, 2007 Release of the Record of Decision on the Final Bison and Elk Management Plan/EIS
February 2, 2007 Release of the Final Bison and Elk Management Plan/EIS

August 23, 2005

Extension of Comment Period
July 21, 2005 Release of Draft Bison and Elk Management Plan/EIS

February 22, 2005

Update on Progress of Draft EIS

November 23, 2001 Announcement of Alternative Development Meetings
June 26, 2001 Announcement of Scoping Meetings
April 16, 2001 Announcement of May 4-5 Informational Meetings in Jackson
March 26, 2001 Announcement of April Statewide Prescoping Meetings
March 16, 2001 Review of March and February Prescoping Meetings
March 2, 2001 Announcement for March 10 Prescoping Meeting
January 19, 2001 Announcement for February 10 Prescoping Meeting
December 7, 2000 Solicitation for Mailing List
July 25, 2000 Release of Situation Assessment