Common Themes Among Prescoping Groups*

Bison/Elk Management Plan - EIS

From Flip Charts dated 2/10/2001


Targeted Elk Numbers Should Remain the Same or Increase

Healthy, Sustainable Herds for Elk and Bison

No Bison on Refuge

Wild, Free-Ranging and/or Dispersed Elk/Bison Herds

Maintain Historic Use

Set Bison Population Target

Use Habitat Carrying Capacity as a Decision Base

Recognize that Elk/Bison are Valuable to the Local Economy


Hunting is an Important Management Tool

Habitat Improvements Should Continue

Make Effort to Acquire/Obtain More Habitat

Continue Feeding on the NER

Continue Researching/Monitoring Disease/Vaccinations

Reinitiate/Continue Vaccinations

Eliminate Grazing in GTNP

Reduce Animal Concentrations

Bison off Feed

Separation of Animals

Phase Out Feeding of Elk and Bison

Use Adaptive Management

Manage Against Exotics (plants/disease)

* Some level of subjective interpretation was required in order to group the

comments into common themes.