EIS Alternative Development Meeting Minutes

Bison and Elk PLan

November 29, 2001 6-10 p.m. Snow King Resort


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Meeting Objectives:

  1. Define Areas of Agreement by Management Issue
  2. Identify a range of potential alternatives to be considered in the EIS

  3. Meeting Facilitator: Elaine Walsh with the Center for Resolution

    This meeting started with a large group discussion of Alternatives Development for the EIS and
    quickly broke into small group brainstorming documented below. A representative from each
    small group presented the information that they developed to the large group. From the small
    group brainstorming, several possible areas of agreement were suggested. They were discussed
    by the whole group and are listed below.

    Possible Areas of Agreement – established by the whole group

    Define health

    Elk herd to be here forever

    Establish satellite feeding areas - 10 different places to enhance NER dispersal of elk

    Small Group Brainstorming for Alternatives Development

    1. Viable elk herd on the refuge

    2. Keep what winter range there is, expand as possible

  4. Supplemental feeding at some level for a variety of reasons
  5. Management decisions must consider a broad array of factors in the ecosystem
  6. History is important
One small group broke the information down into management areas

Elk Management

Bison Elk Forage Management Hunting Predators Compiled by Elaine Walsh
December 2, 2001
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