Reports & Publications

Data obtained from various migratory bird surveys and programs are used to produce reports and publications, guidance documents, management and conservation plans, and hunting regulations - all of which are necessary to conserve and manage migratory birds.

Annual Reports

  • Population Status - Annual reports are now posted each year in mid to late August. They include Waterfowl, American Woodcock, Mourning Dove, Mottled Duck, Band-tailed pigeon and Sandhill Crane.
  • Flyways - Each administrative Flyway produces various reports or publications that get distributed annually. Such reports include Data Books (Waterfowl Harvest & Population Survey Data specific to each Flyway), midwinter survey reports and wingbee reports. Also upcoming annual meetings/events of interest for each Flyway.
  • Hunting Activity & Harvest - Annual reports, posted in August, along with a 2002 special topic report on the Harvest Information Program: Evaluation and Recommendations.
  • Adaptive Harvest Management - Annual reports are now posted each year in early September.

Regulations and Policy Documents

Other Reports or Publications of Interest

Last Updated: November 14, 2017