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Permit Applications and Report Forms

New Electronic Permitting System
We have a launched a new electronic permitting system. It is now possible to submit many permit applications online, as well as pay the processing fee online. Some permit applications still need to be submitted by mail at this time, including renewals and amendments to existing permits.  Please visit FWS ePermits to learn more.


 CITES Import-Export/Eagle Transport for Scientific or Exhibition Purposes 3-200-69
 CITES Import-Export/Eagle Transport for Indian Religious Purposes 3-200-70
 Eagle Exhibition 3-200-14
 Eagle Parts for Native American Religious Purposes (Permit Application/Order Form) 3-200-15a
Obsolete - Please use 3-200-15a for both Orders and Re-orders. 3-200-15b
 Eagle Take Associated with but not the Purpose of an Activity (Incidental Take) 3-200-71
 Transport of Eagles into the United States for Scientific or Exhibition Purposes 3-200-82
 Native American Eagle Aviary 3-200-78
 Native American Eagle Take 3-200-77
 Scientific Collecting 3-200-7
 Take of Depredating Eagles 3-200-16
 Take of Eagle Nests 3-200-72
 Take of Golden Eagle Nests 3-200-18

 Depredation 3-200-13
 Exception to Designated Port 3-200-2
 Raptor Propagation 3-200-12
 Rehabilitation 3-200-10b
 Resident Canada Goose Nest Egg Registration
 Scientific Collecting 3-200-7
 Special Purpose - Possession for Education (Live and Dead) 3-200-10c
Obsolete - Please use 3-200-10c for both live and dead possession for education. 3-200-10d
 Special Purpose - Salvage 3-200-10a
 Special Purpose - Game Bird Propagation 3-200-10e
 Special Purpose - Miscellaneous 3-200-10f
 Special Canada Goose 3-200-67
 Special Purpose-Abatement Activities Using Raptors 3-200-79
 Special Purpose Utility (Avian Mortality Monitoring) 3-200-81
 Taxidermy 3-200-8
 Waterfowl Sale and Disposal 3-200-9

Report Forms

 Eagle Depredation 3-202-11
 Eagle Exhibition 3-202-13
 Eagle Nest Take 3-202-16
 Eagle Incidental Take 3-202-15
 Native American Eagle Aviary 3-202-14
 Scientific Collecting 3-202-1

 Depredation (Standard) 3-202-9
 Depredation and Control Orders 3-2436
 Falconry Acquisition and Disposition
 Possession for Education / Exhibition 3-202-5
 Raptor Propagation 3-202-8
 Rehabilitation 3-202-4
 Scientific Collecting 3-202-1
 Special Purpose - Game Bird 3-202-6
 Special Purpose - Miscellaneous 3-202-7
 Special Purpose - Salvage 3-202-3
 Special Purpose Utility (Avian Mortality Monitoring) 3-202-17
 Special State Canada Goose 3-202-10
 Waterfowl sale and Disposal 3-202-2

Other Forms
 Migratory Bird Acquisition and Disposition Report 3-186a
 Notice of Transfer or Sale of Migratory Waterfowl 3-186
 Special Purpose - Possession (Education) Permit Acquisition and Transfer Request 3-202-12

Last Updated: October 20, 2020