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New Electronic Permitting System
We have launched our new electronic ePermits permitting system. It is now possible to submit many permit applications online, as well as pay the processing fee online through this system. If you would like to apply online, your first step will be to either set up an account or reclaim your existing account. If you already have an active permit with the USFWS, an account may have already been established for you in the ePermits system. If this is the case, you do not have to create a new account. Instead, use the reclaim your account process to attempt to retrieve it. The username is typically your email address or firstname.lastname. If you have an active permit with us and are unsuccessful in reclaiming your acount, please contact before attempting to open a new account. Once your account is open, you can click on the "Apply Online" links below to apply for each of the Migratory Bird permit types listed below with this option.

See Covid-19 variances for Education, Exhibition and Rehabilitation permits at the bottom of this page.


 CITES Import-Export/Eagle Transport for Scientific or Exhibition Purposes (Mail in Only) 3-200-69
 CITES Import-Export/Eagle Transport for Indian Religious Purposes (Mail in Only) 3-200-70
Eagle Exhibition (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-14
Eagle Parts for Native American Religious Purposes (Permit Application/Order Form) (Apply Online) 3-200-15a
Obsolete - Please use 3-200-15a for both Orders and Re-orders. 3-200-15b
Eagle Take Associated with but not the Purpose of an Activity (Incidental Take)  (Mail Application)   (Apply Online) 3-200-71
Transport of Eagles into the United States for Scientific or Exhibition Purposes  (Mail Application)  (Apply Online) 3-200-82
Native American Eagle Aviary  (Mail Application)  (Apply Online) 3-200-78
Native American Eagle Take (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-77
Native American Tribal Eagle Retention (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-1552
Scientific Collecting (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-7
Take of Depredating Eagles (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-16
Take of Eagle Nests (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-72
Take of Golden Eagle Nests (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-18

Depredation (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-13
 Exception to Designated Port (Mail Application) 3-200-2
Migratory Bird Import/Export  (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-6
Raptor Propagation (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-12
Rehabilitation (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-10b
 Resident Canada Goose Nest Egg Registration
Scientific Collecting (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-7
Special Double-crested Cormorant (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-90
Special Purpose - Possession for Education (Live and Dead) (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-10c
Obsolete - Please use 3-200-10c for both live and dead possession for education. 3-200-10d
Special Purpose - Salvage (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-10a
Special Purpose - Game Bird Propagation (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-10e
Special Purpose - Miscellaneous (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-10f
Special Canada Goose (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-67
Special Purpose-Abatement Activities Using Raptors (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-79
Special Purpose Utility (Avian Mortality Monitoring) (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-81
Taxidermy (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-8
Waterfowl Sale and Disposal (Mail Application) (Apply Online) 3-200-9
Seamless Band Request (Mail Application) 3-2435

Report Forms

 Eagle Depredation 3-202-11
 Eagle Exhibition 3-202-13
 Eagle Nest Take 3-202-16
 Eagle Incidental Take 3-202-15
 Native American Eagle Aviary 3-202-14
 Native American Tribal Eagle Retention 3-1591
 Scientific Collecting 3-202-1

 Depredation (Standard) 3-202-9
 Depredation and Control Orders 3-2436
 Falconry Acquisition and Disposition
 Possession for Education / Exhibition 3-202-5
 Raptor Propagation 3-202-8
 Rehabilitation 3-202-4
 Scientific Collecting 3-202-1
 Special Double-crested Cormorant 3-202-56
 Special Purpose - Game Bird 3-202-6
 Special Purpose - Miscellaneous 3-202-7
 Special Purpose - Salvage 3-202-3
 Special Purpose Utility (Avian Mortality Monitoring) 3-202-17
 Special State Canada Goose 3-202-10
 Waterfowl sale and Disposal 3-202-2

Other Forms
 Migratory Bird Acquisition and Disposition Report 3-186a
 Notice of Transfer or Sale of Migratory Waterfowl 3-186
 Special Purpose - Possession (Education) Permit Acquisition and Transfer Request 3-202-12

COVID-19 Variances for Education, Exhibition, and Rehabilitation Permittees:
The following variances are available due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has the authority to make variations when an emergency exists (50 CFR 13.4).  Please contact your Migratory Bird Permit Office for authorization.

The following Educational Program variance is available January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021: You are not required to meet the minimum educational program requirement (e.g. 12 educational programs or 400 public display hours) for the calendar year 2021.  You must include a statement on your annual report that you were unable to meet the required number of programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  You must continue to comply with all other conditions listed on your federal permit.  Please note that alternative program formats (e.g. the use of technology for virtual programs) can count toward your program requirement provided they are open to the public. 

The following Emergency Provision authorization will be included on ALL new, amended, and renewed permits going forward: 
Birds must be housed at the location stated on your permit and cared for by you or your identified subpermittees (50 CFR 13.12(a)(2), 50 CFR 13.42).  However, in emergency circumstances (e.g. due to natural disaster, disease outbreak, structural failure, incapacitation or primary caretaker, etc.), in accordance with your emergency plan, you are authorized to transport and temporarily house birds at emergency location(s) not listed on your permit and/or emergency caretakers not identified as subpermittees provide care.  Emergency housing and care conditions must be humane and healthful (50 CFR 13.41).  Within 7 days of the emergency, you must notify your Migratory Bird Permit Office.  You must include the following information (if changed): type of emergency, date emergency started, emergency location(s) (i.e. address) of any relocated bird(s), and name and contact information of emergency caretaker(s).  A response to this notification is not required or expected.  If an emergency caretaker is not currently authorized as subpermittee, you must provide them with a Subpermittee Designation Letter authorizing the temporary possession, including the time period for which bird(s) will be cared for and activities authorized.  If birds will be relocated more than 30 days, you must submit an amendment request to your Migratory Bird Permit Office to amend your permit to add the location on your permit.  You may continue to house birds at your emergency location(s) with emergency caretaker(s) until the Service has acted on your amendment request.

Last Updated: December 10, 2021