Migratory Bird Permit FAQs

 Eagle Exhibition (808.8KB) 3-200-14
 Eagle Parts for Native American Religious Purposes (Orders and ReOrders) (1.1MB) 3-200-15a
 Eagle Take Associated with but not the Purpose of an Activity (Incidental)(274.3KB) 3-200-71
Native American Eagle Take (see  Instructions (816.8KB)) 3-200-77
 Native American Eagle Aviary (198.4KB) 3-200-78
 Take of Eagle Nests (622.9KB) 3-200-72
Take of Depredating Eagles (see  Instructions (816.3KB)) 3-200-16
Take of Golden Eagle Nests (see  Instructions (816.4KB)) 3-200-18
Transport of Eagles into the United States for Scientific or Exhibition Purposes (see  Instructions (816.7KB)) 3-200-82
 Scientific Collecting (353.8KB) 3-200-7

 Depredation (843KB) 3-200-13
 Exception to Designated Port 3-200-2
 Falconry Acquisition and Disposition
Raptor Propagation (see  Instructions (815.5KB)) 3-200-12
 Rehabilitation (301.3KB) 3-200-10b
 Resident Canada Goose Nest Egg Registration
 Scientific Collecting (353.8KB) 3-200-7
Special Canada Goose (see  Instructions (816.5KB)) 3-200-67
 Special Purpose-Abatement Activities Using Raptors (764.7KB) 3-200-79
 Special Purpose - Game Bird Propagation (196.9KB) 3-200-10e
Special Purpose - Miscellaneous (see  Instructions (816.5KB)) 3-200-10f
 Special Purpose - Possession for Education (Live and Dead) (239.6KB) 3-200-10c
 Special Purpose - Salvage (348.5KB) 3-200-10a
 Special Purpose Utility (Avian Mortality Monitoring) (161.7KB) 3-200-81
 Taxidermy (194.3KB) 3-200-8
 Waterfowl Sale and Disposal (868.9KB) 3-200-9

Last Updated: December 20, 2018