Council for the Conservation of Migratory Birds

Call for 2017 Award Nominations

The Council for the Conservation of Migratory Birds is pleased to announce that the application process is now officially open for the 2017 Presidential Migratory Bird Federal Stewardship Award.

Please review the Information and Instructions Guide carefully before developing qualifying applications or submitting final nominations.

Deadlines for submitting qualifying applications for internal review are specific to each agency; please contact your agency’s designated award contact for details. Each agency should review qualifying applications and submit a single nomination to by COB February 17th, 2017.

Applicants please note: If you are uncertain of your agency’s internal award process and/or do not know who your designated agency contact is for the award, please contact for assistance.

Note to Federal agencies on submission of selected nominee: All agency nominations will be posted on the award website to recognize agency and partner efforts to conserve migratory birds.  Please include a one-page abstract and photograph that can be posted with your nomination.

Applicants must use the Application Form when submitting qualifying applications. Please adhere to the instructions in the Information and Instructions Guide when submitting nominations. Agencies should verify that their final nominations comply with all the guidelines specified in the Information and Instructions Guide before submitting their final nominations to USFWS.

Contact with any questions about the nomination process.

Last Updated: November 18, 2016