Federal Register

Proposed Rule to Establish Regulation for Use of Raptors in Abatement

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service published a  proposed rule in the Federal Register on April 1, 2015 for permit regulations to govern the use of captive-bred, trained raptors to control or take birds or other wildlife to mitigate damage or other problems, including risks to human health and safety. The proposed rule included some incorrect information regarding information collection requirements and a partially incorrect address for the submission of hard-copy comments. The corrected  proposed rule published on April 22, 2015.

Please submit comments on the proposed regulations by either (not both) of the following means.

  • Federal eRulemaking portal: http://www.regulations.gov. Follow the instructions for submitting comments on Docket No. FWS–R9–MB–2009–0045. Comments must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm Eastern time on June 30, 2015.
  • U.S. mail or hand delivery: Public Comments Processing, Attention: FWS–R9–MB–2009–0045; Division of Policy and Performance Management; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; 5275 Leesburg Pike, MS MB; Falls Church, VA 22041–3803. Comment must be postmarked no later than June 30, 2015.

Comments may be submitted on the information collection requirements to the Desk Officer for the Department of the Interior at Office of Management and Budget at 202 395 5806 (fax) or OIRA_Submission@omb.eop.gov (email). Please provide a copy of comments to the Service Information Collection Clearance Officer, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, MS: BPHC, 5275 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041-3803 (mail), or to Hope_Grey@fws.gov.

Last Updated: May 1, 2015