In the News

Highlighting some of the amazing work done by our partners

In January, San Francisco Bay Joint Venture celebrated the groundbreaking start of a NAWCA project. The project is reintroducing tidal flows to create open water habitat and sediment suspension in the fresh water of the Napa and Sacramento-San Joaquin Rivers. Read  here for more information on the project. Visit to see their new interactive project maps and resources section or visit their  Facebook page for upcoming events and projects.
For the past week Appalachian Mountain Joint Venture has been featuring their 2014 year in review on their  Facebook page. Visit their page to see more about AMJV’s 2014 successful year.

In Montana, The Nature Conservancy purchased a 256-acre conservation easement that includes streamside forests that provides important habitat for breeding and migrating birds. Read  here for more information on this NAWCA project.

Last Updated: May 1, 2015