Injury and Mortality Reporting System


The Injury and Mortality Reporting System is a repository for data on dead or injured birds and bats. It was created to inform the management of the US Fish & Wildlife Service's trust resources in the face of an expanding human population, the infrastructure to support it, and the consequential impact on our nation’s birds and bats. This database centralizes and standardizes the collection of information regarding sources and locations of mortality and injury. Over time, these data will become increasingly useful to assess relative levels of observed mortality from various impact sources. The Injury and Mortality Reporting System is located within the Service’s  Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS), which contains tools designed to assist both the public and private sectors in conserving our nation’s natural heritage. The Injury and Mortality Reporting System is currently useable by Service staff. Around mid to late 2017 it is expected to be useable by some external users, including partners and permittees. For more details about the Injury and Mortality Reporting System, you may reference the  IMR Information Sheet (1.1MB).

Last Updated: April 17, 2017