Conservation Measures

Buildings, Glass and Lighting

 Reducing Bird Collisions with Buildings and Building Glass (2.6MB)- The purpose of this document is to provide straightforward, best-known approaches for reducing bird collisions with buildings and building glass through building occupant measures, simple low cost actions, and strategies for new buildings, building renovations and building retro-fits.

 Low-cost Methods to Reduce Bird Collisions with Glass (4.7MB) – This document provides information on bird-safe treatments for glass in existing facilities.  Additional information is provided for light reduction and facilities management methods that can also reduce bird collisions with glass.   

 Minimizing Bird Collisions with Glass in Remodeled and New Facilities (743.2KB) – This document provides information on bird-safe glass products that can be used in the remodeling and new construction of facilities.  Bird-safe facilities management and lighting reduction methods are also described.  The document highlights products and techniques that reduce bird collisions while simultaneously conserving energy.

 Building Glass and Lighting Lunchroom Flyer (177.9KB) - This flyer, a product of the Council for the Conservation of Migratory Birds, includes some simple, low cost measures that anyone can implement in their home or at the office to save birds all day, every day.


Last Updated: December 16, 2020