The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and its partners manage migratory birds based largely on routes the birds follow as they migrate between nesting and wintering areas.

Based on those routes, four administrative Flyways (Atlantic, Mississippi, Central and Pacific) were established in North America to facilitate management of migratory birds and their habitats. USFWS' Adminstrative Flyway BoundariesEach flyway has a Council, consisting of representatives from each state, provincial, and territorial agency within that Flyway. The Councils are advised by Flyway technical committees consisting of biological staff from their member agencies. The technical committees evaluate population and habitat information and make recommendations to the Councils on matters of migratory bird conservation.

Within each Flyway, the USFWS has a Flyway Representative and assistant who work with the Flyway Council and their technical committees to share information and develop management recommendations.

To obtain more information about each flyway, please visit the links below.

 Shape files and other data (for GIS applications) that are associated with the Flyway Boundaries map.

Atlantic Flyway
 Upcoming Meetings/Events of Interest(26.6KB) - Atlantic Flyway
Data Book

Mississippi Flyway
 Upcoming Meetings/Events of Interest(18.6KB) - Mississippi Flyway
Data Book

Central Flyway
 Upcoming Meetings/Events of Interest(25.8KB)
 Central Flyway Council Website
Data Book
 Midwinter Survey Reports(771.2KB)
 Wingbee Reports(171.2KB)

Pacific Flyway
 Pacific Flyway Council Website
 Upcoming Meetings/Events of Interest
Data Book

Last Updated: March 8, 2018