Plan Awards

Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2015 NAWMP Awards!

International Canvasback Award Recipients

David Ingstrup, Dale Humburg and Jerome Ford

Dale Humburg
For nearly 40 years, Dale Humburg has been making a difference in conservation and research of North American waterfowl, preparing him for the leadership role he continues to play as the active Chair of the NAWMP Interim Integration Committee -- the group with central responsibility for implementation of the 2012 Revision of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. Dale also continues to serve part-time as Senior Science Advisor for Ducks Unlimited, Inc. a position he has held since 2014.

When it came time to implement the 2012 Revision, Dale stepped up and assumed the Chair of the newly created NAWMP Interim Integration Committee, the group centrally responsible to the Plan Committee for advancing the recommended actions from the Revision and its associated Action Plan. In that role since late 2012, Dale has become the "face" of the evolving North American Waterfowl Management Plan -- tirelessly on the go to meeting with the NAWMP Science Support Team (NSST), the Flyways, that Adaptive Harvest Management Working Group, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Committees, Migratory Bird Joint Ventures, individual agencies, and others promoting implementation of the 2012 Revision.

Dr. Robert Clark
Dr. Robert Clark has played an important role in NAWMP's science community and management community since the Plan's inception in 1986. Bob is a Research Scientist and leader of Environment and Climate Change Canada's Prairie and Northern Wildlife Research Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His contributions to waterfowl life history, evolutionary ecology, population biology and waterfowl management have been highly significant and varied.

He has served with distinction for 30 years on the Prairie Habitat Joint Venture's Science Team and has Chaired the Committee since 2010. In this role he led the PHJV Advisory Board and the PHJV Science Committee in the development of the most recent PHJV Implementation Plan for the Prairie Parkland Region and the Western Boreal Forest. Among his many other contributions with the PHJV he was co-organizer of three PHJV Science Forums. He has been an important voice for strengthening the scientific foundations of the PHJV's conservation work and a strong supporter of adaptive management. Dr. Clark also co-chaired the PHJV Botulism Working Group, whose adaptive studies of botulism clean-ups have radically altered how wildlife agencies manage botulism outbreaks. Bob has also been involved as a student supervisor on projects linked to the Western Boreal Initiative.

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