Plan Awards

Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2011 North American Waterfowl Management Plan Awards!

International Canvasback Award Recipients

Paul Schmidt (right) accepts his award from FWS Director Dan Ashe, as Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack looks on. Photo courtesy of Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Paul Schmidt
Paul Schmidt has been at the forefront of bird conservation in North America for more than 20 years, first with the  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and now with Ducks Unlimited, Inc. As Assistant Director for the Service’s Migratory Bird Program, Schmidt served as co-chair of the  Arctic Goose Joint Venture and as co-chair of the NAWMP international Plan Committee (PC).  He provided vital support for the 2004  Update focused on strengthening the Plan’s science foundations, the 2007  Continental Assessment and the 2007  Joint Task Group on NAMWP goals and harvest management.  Schmidt helped lead the PC in an effort to  revise the NAWMP, 25 years after its inception; his passion for this effort to rejuvenate the Plan was critical to getting that process moving and keeping it on course.  After a long and successful career with the Service, Schmidt retired in 2011 and agreed to lend his many talents as  Ducks Unlimited’s Chief Conservation Officer, where he remains engaged with the NAWMP.

USFWS Regional Director Steve Guertin (left) presents the NAWMP award to Dave Sharp. Photo by Jim Dubovsky/USFWS

Dave Sharp
Dave Sharp’s extensive background in research, partnership development, coordination and communication, spanning a 33-year career, helped guide the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Migratory Bird Program and contributed to the program’s many achievements.  Among his many accomplishments, Sharp helped lead implementation of the NAWMP in the U.S., working closely with Canadian partners, and provided leadership and support in the establishment of the first six U.S. Joint Ventures.  He helped develop the logo that served as an emblem recognized in Canada and the U.S., and was involved in communications efforts to explain the Plan.  Sharp was instrumental in leading U.S. Joint Ventures to establish goals for waterfowl numbers and the associated habitat needs that would guide partners, and he led the development of the NAWMP Continental Assessment Team (now the Science Support Team).  A strong advocate for strengthening long-term monitoring databases for many migratory birds, Sharp coordinated a comprehensive review of all cooperative migratory bird survey activities in North America that has been instrumental in allowing managers to make informed decisions about the direction of migratory bird monitoring programs on the continent.

National Blue-winged Teal Award Recipients

Central Valley JV coordinator Robert Shaffer (left) and board chair Ellie Cohen present the NAWMP award to John Eadie. Photo by Jill Shirley/CVJV.

Dr. John M. Eadie
Dr. John M. Eadie, the  Dennis G. Raveling Professor of Waterfowl Biology at the University of California (Davis), has made major contributions to the conservation and management of waterfowl and other migratory birds.  He has contributed to the advancement of the NAWMP at multiple levels, helping to improve the Plan’s scientific foundation.  Eadie was a key contributor to the scientific portions of the  Central Valley Joint VentureImplementation Plan and its Monitoring and Evaluation plan.  His leadership and research continue to help critically evaluate JV planning efforts.  Eadie is a member of the NAWMP  Pintail Action Group and recently helped develop a continental, annual-cycle, population-habitat model for this species.  He contributed extensively to the NAWMP Continental Assessment by serving on the review panels and contributing major sections to the final report.  In 2011, he was recruited to serve on the writing team for the  2012 NAWMP Revision, to which he contributed important ideas and original writing.

National Blue-winged Teal Award Recipient – Canada

Deanna Dixon accepts her NAWMP award. Photo courtesy of Environment Canada.

Deanna Dixon
Deanna Dixon has been vitally engaged in the North American Waterfowl Management Plan for more than 20 years. She started working on NAWMP activities in 1990 and became the coordinator of the  Arctic Goose Joint Venture in 1994 and the  Prairie Habitat Joint Venture in 1995.   In her role as PHJV coordinator, Dixon has helped steer the PHJV partners through three strategic plans and most recently, the first comprehensive new Implementation Plan since the late 1980s. Through two decades of progress and challenges, the PHJV and AGJV have benefited enormously from her care and capable leadership. Dixon presently works for Environment Canada’s Canadian Wildlife Service where she continues in her coordinator roles, working with many NAWMP partners regionally, nationally and internationally.

Last Updated: May 4, 2015