Shorebird Conservation

NEW! April 10, 2017 - New Pacific Shorebird Conservation Strategy Released
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In 2000, partners from state and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations across the country pooled their resources and expertise to develop a conservation strategy for migratory shorebirds. The  U.S. Shorebird Conservation Partnership (USSCP) provides a scientific framework to determine species, sites, and habitats that most urgently need conservation action. The main goals of the plan are to ensure that adequate quantity and quality of shorebird habitat is maintained at the local level and to maintain or restore shorebird populations at the continental and hemispheric levels. 

Shorebird related activities are coordinated through the Migratory Bird Program, which support the USSCP coordinator.  In addition to administering and facilitating USSCP activities, the national coordinator assists the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service regions with the development and implementation of shorebird monitoring efforts, works with the  National Wildlife Refuge System on habitat protection and inventory and monitoring, coordinates with the Service’s international programs on shorebird conservation, and collaborates with  Endangered Species program on listed and candidate shorebird species. Brad Andres coordinates the USSCP in the Division of Migratory Bird Management

Last Updated: March 20, 2018