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International Migratory Bird Day 2015
Habitat, it’s for the birds
Restore Habitat, Restore Birds
Restaurar el Hábitat, Restaura las Aves

Conservation Across the Americas
la Conservación en las Américas

IMBD 2012 Art

In 2015, International Migratory Bird Day will focus on the importance of habitat to birds, using the beautiful work of artist Amelia Hansen. Join us in celebrating IMBD by using the materials, working in your communities, and restoring habitat to restore birds!

Habitat is critical to the survival of every organism on earth, including birds. In 2015, the International Migratory Bird Day conservation theme focuses on the importance of preserving existing habitat, the threats to habitats, the elements of habitat on which birds depend, and how restoration of habitats benefits birds. We invite you to share this theme with your visitors, incorporate it into your activities, and share your successes with us. Consider including the following components into your program this year.


IMBD 2012 Art

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Revised February 03, 2015


While International Migratory Bird day is typically held on the second Saturday in May (May 9 in 2015), any day can be a day of celebration. Celebrate whenever migratory bird arrival happens in your own community or whenever you feel like celebrating birds!

IMBD is an invitation to celebrate and support migratory bird conservation!

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