Urban Bird Treaty


Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds logo. Credit: USFWS

Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds
Portland, Oregon

Urban Bird Treaty since May 10, 2003

Portland Urban Bird Treaty Mission
"The City of Portland is an important part of the Pacific Flyway and provides critical resting, feeding and nesting habitat for migratory birds, both those that fly long distances and those that migrate shorter distances within the metropolitan region. Participation in the Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds demonstrates the City’s long-term commitment to the protection and conservation of migratory birds. The Portland Urban Migratory Bird Program raises awareness of migratory birds in Portland’s urban ecosystem; shares and increases knowledge of the needs and ecological functions of migratory birds; recognizes and promotes existing efforts to conserve and enhance the health of our migratory bird population; and identifies and pursues new actions that will ensure their diversity is maintained through time. The program instills a sense of stewardship and responsibility so that the City and its citizens take specific measures to co-exist with migratory birds and other species to ensure that they remain an important element in the urban landscape."


Portland Treaty Purpose and Goals

The City of Portland is an important area for migratory bird conservation. The Portland metropolitan region provides habitat for over 220 bird species, including 47 neotropical migrants, and 23 designated with state or federal at-risk status. The City and its partners have made important strides in protecting migratory birds and other native species by conserving an extensive system of parks and greenspaces within the City, offering a wide variety of environmental education programs, implementing many habitat restoration and enhancement projects, and protecting key habitats through land use planning, environmental zoning and acquisition programs.

Chicago park natural area sign. Credit: USFWS

Portland’s Urban Bird Treaty Program is designed to add value to existing city and community based programs by identifying and calling out projects designed to benefit birds within the following categories: 1) education and outreach, 2) habitat improvement, 3) hazard reduction and 4) invasive species management. The overall goal of these projects is to help to ensure that migratory birds and their habitats are conserved by promoting, linking and building on the existing myriad of protection, restoration and educational programs currently offered by the City and its partners.


American Bird Conservancy
Audubon Society of Portland

Berry Botanic Garden 
Columbia Slough Watershed Council
Corps Restoring the Urban Environment 
Friends of Portland Community Gardens
Friends of Rock, Bronson & Willow Creeks
Friends of Smith & Bybee Lakes
Friends of Trees 
Friends of Tryon Creek State Park
Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve   
Johnson Creek Watershed Council 
Metro Regional Parks and Greenspaces
Native Plant Society of OR, Portland Chapter
Northwest Ecological Research Institute
East Multnomah SWCD 
Friends of Forest Park
Friends of Kellogg and Mt. Scott Creeks
Friends of Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge 
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

OSU Extension Service, Wildlife Stewards
Sunnyside Environmental School        
Three Rivers Land Conservancy
Tualatin Riverkeepers
Urban Greenspaces Institute
USDA Mt. Hood National Forest
Willamette Riverkeeper


For more information http://www.portlandonline.com/portlandmigratorybirds/

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Last Updated: September 19, 2018