Urban Bird Treaty


Albuquerque and Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds logos. Credit: USFWS Albuquerque and Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds logos. Credit: USFWS

A program that supports city partners in conserving birds and their habitats and providing opportunities for citizen engagement in bird-related recreation, education, and conservation activities in urban and suburban areas.

Snowy Egret Credit: Alicia F King / USFWS

Albuquerque was named an Urban Bird Treaty city in 2014.  Albuquerque has abundant local, state, and federal protected land that supports wildlife and serves as ideal habitat for resident, breeding, , and migratory birds. The Rio Grande, the fourth longest river on the continent, flows through the heart of urban Albuquerque and is part of the Rio Grande flyway. The Rio Grande is one of the most important flyways for migratory waterfowl in North America. Migration is intrinsically tied to seasonal changes and weather patterns. Studies show that numerous birds are altering their patterns of migration, mating, and nesting due to changes in climate. Citizens around the world can help the scientific community better understand these changes through simple observations. Citizens are encouraged to post bird observations on iNaturalist.org or eBird.org!

Black-billed Magpie. Credit: Alicia F King / USFWS

Albuquerque’s Urban Bird Treaty projects include:

Geocaching: Burque Birding GeoFlight

The Burque Birding GeoFlight geocache series was developed to highlight birding hotspots throughout the area. There are twelve geocaches, each of which includes a unique collectible bird card that corresponds to a month of the 2015 Seasonal Sightings phenological calendar. Also, a limited number of trackable geocoins are available for cachers who find at least nine of the twelve geocaches on their GeoFlight. For birding hotspots that host a geocache, identification codes, and GPS coordinates are provided in this guide. Discover what makes Albuquerque a special place for birds, name the common birds, and have fun geocaching at some of the area’s most scenic birding locations!

Visit www.bernco.gov/openspace or www.openspacealliance.org for more information. You may also open a free account on www.geocaching.com, and search for Burque Birding GeoFlight geocaches using the identification codes provided in this guide. Or, download the c:geo app for your smartphone, and search for Burque Birding Geoflight.

Birding Hotspot Locations

City of Albuquerque Open Space Visitors Center
Calendar month: January
Geocache: GC5DEAW @ N 35० 10.010  W 106० 40.414

Pajarito Open Space
Calendar month: February
Geocache: GC5D60K @ N 34० 59.396  W 106० 42.481

Atrisco Bosque Trail
Calendar month: March
Geocache: GC5D74Z @ N 35० 05.415  W 106० 41.114

Sanchez Farm Open Space
Calendar month: April
Geocache: GC5DG4G @ N 35० 02.979  W 106० 40.294

Carlito Springs Open Space
Calendar month: May
Geocache: GC5DGPN @ N 35० 05.333  W 106० 23.779

Elena Gallegos Open Space
Calendar month: June
Geocache: GC5DEJW @ N 35० 09.974  W 106० 28.177

Durand Open Space
Calendar month: July
Geocache: GC5D60R @ N 35० 00.037  W 106० 41.358

Ojito de San Antonio Open Space
Calendar month: August
Geocache: GC5DGQB @ N 35० 06.246  W 106० 22.950

Rio Grande Nature Center State Park
Calendar month: September
Geocache: GC5D76P @ N 35० 07.772  W 106० 40.907

Bachechi Open Space
Calendar month: October
Geocache: GC5DEHW @ N 35० 11.578  W 106० 38.370

Tingley Ponds
Calendar month: November
Geocache: GC5D7E2 @ N 35० 04.772  W 106० 40.238

Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge
Calendar month: December
Geocache: GC5D6Y8 @ N 34० 59.156  W 106० 39.972

Urban Bird Treaty Partners

Albuquerque Open Space
Open Space Alliance
Friends of Valle de Oro NWR
Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center
Central New Mexico Audubon Society

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Last Updated: September 20, 2018