North American Wetlands Conservation Council

Meetings and Members

The North American Wetlands Conservation Council meets three times each year to review and select Standard Grant proposals that they will take before the  Migratory Bird Conservation Commission for funding approval. In the case of Small Grants, the Commission has pre-approved an amount of funds to be used each year for this program and has delegated project selection and funding authority (within the approved amount) to the Council. The Council also develops policy affecting the grant application and administration processes.

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Council Members
Mr. Terry Steinwand
Central Flyway Council
North Dakota Game & Fish Dept.
Dr. Holly Bamford Acting Executive Director
National Fis and Wildlife Foundation
Mr. Mark W. Elsbree Senior Vice President
Western Region
The Conservation Fund
Mr. Jim Kurth Acting Director
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Mr. David Nomsen Director
South Dakota Regional Office
Pheasants Forever
Mr. Paul R. Schmidt Chief Conservation Officer
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Mr. Tony Wasley
Pacific Flyway Council
Nevada Department of Wildlife
Mr. Nick Wiley
Atlantic Flyway Council
Executive Director
Florida Fish and Wildlife
Council Coordinator
Mrs. Sarah Mott
Division of Bird Habitat Conservation
Migratory Bird Program
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ms. Mary Pope Hutson
Board Member
Land Trust Alliance
Ex-officio members
Ms. Laura Farquharson
Chair, NAWCC (Canada), Acting Director General
Canadian Wildlife Service
Environment Canada
Ex-officio members
Dr. Keith Ouchley
Executive Director
The Nature Conservancy of Louisiana
Ex-officio members
Mr. Glenn Olson
Donal O'Brien Chair
Bird Conservation and Public Policy
National Audubon Society
Ex-officio members

Wildlife Division of


Council Staff
Mr. John Beall
Pheasants Forever
Mr. Ian Davidson
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Mr. Robert Ford
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Bird Habitat Conservation
Mr. Ray Herndon
The Conservation Fund
Ms. Lisa Irby Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Dr. David Mehlman
The Nature Conservancy
Mr. Stephen V. Rockwood
Atlantic Flyway Council
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Mr. Rick Warhurst
Central Flyway Council
North Dakota Natural Resources Trust
Mr. Mike Zahradka
Pacific Flyway Council
Nevada Department of Wildlife
Mr. Dean Smith
Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Grant Deadlines

February 24, 2017:
U.S. Standard Grants, Cycle 1
July 14, 2017:
U.S. Standard Grants, Cycle 2
June 30, 2017:
Mexico Standard Grants
August 25, 2017:
Canada Standard Grants
October 19, 2017:
U.S. Small Grants

Last Updated: February 16, 2017