Guidance & Standards

For North American Wetlands Conservation Act Grantees

 U.S. Grant Administration Standards (286.3KB) (January 2018): Describes rules for grant agreements, reports, financial administration, equipment and supplies, real property acquisitions, property management, modifications, non-compliance, and audits/monitoring.

 Grant Administration Standards for Internal Agreements (167.2KB) (April 2006): Describes rules for internal grant agreements.

 Grant Administration Standards for Canadian Recipients (396.5KB) (August 2013): Describes rules for Canadian grants.

 Mexican Grant Standards (131.9KB)

 Lineamientos para la Administración de Convenios de Financiamiento del Programa NAWCA México (116.6KB) (Marzo 2012): Describes rules for Mexican grants.

Grant Deadlines

February 26, 2021:
U.S. Standard Grants, Cycle 1
July 9, 2021:
U.S. Standard Grants, Cycle 2
May 19, 2021:
Mexico Standard Grants
August 27, 2021:
Canada Standard Grants
October 14, 2021:
U.S. Small Grants

Last Updated: January 10, 2020