Invest in Conservation

There are many ways that anyone can invest in conservation. Your investment helps ensure that migratory birds have the resources and habitats they need, and also ensures that future generations will be able to enjoy our natural resources.

Here are just a few conservation "investment opportunities":

  • Buy a Federal Duck Stamp! Ninety-eight percent of your purchase goes directly to protecting wetlands and associated habitats to benefit birds and other wildlife (and people, too). For your investment, you receive the "thank you gift" of a beautiful and collectible miniature work of wildlife art.
  • Get involved in a citizen action or citizen science project. From entering your bird sightings in  eBird's database to  reporting banded birds to volunteering for or contributing to a local conservation organization, there are projects for all skill levels and interests that let anyone participate in bird conservation.
  • Become a partner in a bird habitat conservation grant. Our grant programs involve many private landowners, corporations, nongovernment organizations and others who contribute not just funding but also land for conservation and in-kind goods and services. If you would like to provide matching funds or services for a grant project, we can tell you how.
  • Some of our programs accept direct donations from people, organizations or corporations who wish to support our conservation efforts. These donations may be tax deductible - contact your tax advisor to find out.
  • Invest your time and your passion for birds! There are many opportunities to participate in conservation by being a "citizen scientist" and contributing to research efforts. Generally, no special skills or equipment are required.
  • Buy a Junior Duck Stamp! You will be helping to support environmental education programs for youth to nurture a lifelong connection to nature. Your investment will also be rewarded with a beautiful stamp designed by a talented young person.

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Last Updated: May 24, 2017